Around the World conference: Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age

On May 21st Teresa Numerico and Domenico Fiormonte are participating in a digital conference which brings together, by video streaming, participants from institutes around the world to discuss privacy and surveillance research. We are attempting this experiment to model an environmentally sustainable way of hosting dialogues on important global topics.
Check out the programme on:
Explore some of the intricacies of surveillance and privacy issues from historical roots to possible future challenges and solutions.

Here is a small sampling of the topics that will be discussed:

– Government surveillance
– Thirty Years Later – George Orwell’s 1984 is Now
– Privacy in the digital age
– Confidentiality in 17th century correspondence
– Digital risks in the business world
– Attitudes of police to ubiquitous cameras

Please mark your calendar and join in the discussion!  |  Twitter:  @KIASAlberta   #UofAworld