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Gli oligopoli privati della ricerca scientifica: una questione etica e politica

La crecita dei profitti degli oligopoli privati della ricerca scientifica è diventata una questione etica per tutto il mondo accademico


The PIIGS of Knowledge. Cultural hegemony and economic austerity in Southern Europe

As part of International Open Access Week, on Wednesday October 24 and Thursday October 25 an international and interdisciplinary meeting dedicated to the digital humanities and the hegemonies of scientific knowledge will be held at Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy. The title of the event is Ricerca scientifica, monopoli della conoscenza e Digital Humanities. Prospettive […]


Towards monocultural (digital) Humanities?

The issue of multilingualism vs lingua franca in science (and in society) is certainly very complicated, but the recent article by Gregory Crane raises some questions and a few concerns. In general, I think everybody would agree with Miran’s appeal on Humanist: “Let us invest in language diversity”. There are countless documents supporting multilingualism in […]