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[Link] Blogging in the free web still matters

Into the personal website

There is one alternative to social media sites and publishing platforms that has been around since the early, innocent days of the web. It is an alternative that provides immense freedom and control: The personal website. It’s a place to write, create, and share whatever you like, without the need to ask for anyone’s permission. […]


[Link] Prima che il web diventasse il world wide web

Before Netscape

The best known early browser was Mosaic, produced by Marc Andreesen and Eric Bina at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Mosaic was soon spun into Netscape, but it was not the first browser. A map assembled by the Museum offers a sense of the global scope of the early project. What’s striking about […]


[Link] Take Back Your Web

Own your domain. Own your content. Own your social connections. Own your reading experience. Tantek Çelik – https://vimeo.com/336343886


La politica senza volto di Anonymous

È possibile un gesto politico senza l’assunzione di responsabilità di chi lo compie? Qual è il confine tra i comportamenti dei servizi segreti e dei loro agenti e quelli degli attivisti di Anonymous? A queste e altre domande cerca risposte il lavoro dell’antropologa Gabriella Coleman, che abbiamo intervistato


Big data, terrorism and the role of the Digital Humanities

This week one friend who prefers not to be mentioned here (thanks anonymous friend!) sent me a link to this article on how intelligence agencies around the world are using “big data” to fight terrorism. Another recent article reports how Israel’s Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency “have begun using advanced algorithms to sift through a […]