Numero 7, 2015

Digital Humanities in Kerala. Some lessons from the South

I arrived in India one week ago, and the terrifying Paris news reached me on the 14th morning. The physical distance instead of mitigating the shock has somewhat amplified my emotional response. God knows if what we insist to call the “West” will survive to another Sept 11. Democracy, freedom, tolerance, equality: these are the […]


La Rete televisiva

SMPTE color bars, by Denelson83

Stiamo perdendo il Web.


Towards monocultural (digital) Humanities?

The issue of multilingualism vs lingua franca in science (and in society) is certainly very complicated, but the recent article by Gregory Crane raises some questions and a few concerns. In general, I think everybody would agree with Miran’s appeal on Humanist: “Let us invest in language diversity”. There are countless documents supporting multilingualism in […]


The Politics of Code

“The idea that there may be alternative technologies in itself implies the idea of technological pluralism in place of the until now almost universally accepted technological monism. In this case each social system and each political ideology, indeed each culture would be free to develop its own particular line. Why should there not be a […]


“Taxation against overrapresentation”? (ovvero capitale anglofono vs. diversità)

Nel suo recente saggio In Europa sono già 103. Troppe lingue per una democrazia? (Laterza, 2014), Tullio De Mauro osserva che la questione della lingua in Europa “è una questione politica di democrazia, di partecipazione paritaria delle popolazioni al governo dell’Unione” (p. X). Nelle pagine seguenti il linguista sostiene appassionatamente e con solidi argomenti storici […]